||Character Generation||

Stats: 6d6 reroll ones roll 9 nine times take the best 7 Appearance will be an added stat for
this game. Take the best 3.


Gold: 16000

Alignment: Any Non Evil

Races & Templates: Races are going to be limited to those that are in the noble houses in the Sembia sections however, if you would like a template of some kind, you
can talk to me.

Feats: Take Six Free-In addition to anything that you get from level/Class/Race these are freely given GM feats.

Hit Points: You gain Max hitpoints for level 1-3 you roll after that or take 1/2 hit dice plus con bonus.

Books Allowed

Champions of Ruin & Valor
City of Splendors Waterdeep
Dragons of Faerun
Faiths & Pantheons
Forgotten Realms Campagin
Lord of Darkness
Lost Empires of Faerun
Monsters of Faerun
Mysteries of the Moonsea
Players Gulde To Faerun
Power of Faerun
Races of Faerun
Serpent Kingdoms
Shining South
Silver Marches
Unapproachable East

Book of Exalted Deeds
Book of Vile Darkness
Dragon Compendium Volume #1
Expanded Psionic Handbook
Heroes of – Battle, Horror
Libris Mortis
Magic of Incarnum
Minitures Handbook
Races of-Destiny, Stone, Wild, Dragon
Tome of Magic
Unearthed Arcana
Arms & Equipment
Weapons of Legacy
Magic Item Compendium

Cityscape & Dungeonscape
Complete- Arcane, Divine, Mage, Psionic, Scoundrel, Warrior, Adventurer
Players Handbook I&II

Aasimar & Tieflings
Bastards & Bloodlines
Bow & Blades

Players Guide to Cleric & Druids
Fighters & Barbarians
Monks & Paladins
Rangers & Rogues
Bards & Sorcerers

Book of Hallowed Might I & II
Complete Book of Eldritch Might
Book of Iron Might
Book of Erotic Fantasy
||Appearance Stat||

Appearance will be a stat used in this adventure as seen in the book of Erotic Fantasy, if you need help with this, I will post a full description. The only skill it truly influences is Disguise.

Disguise becomes an App based skill. Bluff, Gather Information and Intimidate vary between Appearance and Charisma,depending either upon which attribute the skill uses as a class skill or the precise approach used.

Below you can find the bonuses to App
Human 0
Elves +2
Half Elves: +1
Halflings +1
Gnomes +1
Half Orcs -1
Half Fey +5
Aasamir +2
Tieflings +1
Half Celestial +4
Half fiend +2


Coin & Blood Shadowling