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Welcome to the Year of the Unstrung Harp 1371, The City is as it always is, a bustling place of business no matter the mess going on in the shadowy corners of the city. There have been things going on that are hard to explain but it seems someone in power has been working to keep it covered.

The Heir to one of the most wealthy houses in the City has gone missing, and there is rumored to be foul play at work Still its all in a day where Coin and Blood mingle regularly.

As Scions of one of the Noble Houses (everyone is to pick a house) you have been invited to a local masquerade party. that promises to be more tricks than treats, when people start turning up dead.

Is the signs true, is there a lost city beneath Chancelgaunt ? What is happening to people and why are nobles being killed off ?

The only way to answer these questions is to join and come get hip deep in the action.

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Home Page

Coin & Blood Shadowling